Fly-casting tuition

The cast is to an angler, what a golf swing is to a golfer.
Brush up on your casting skills to fish more efficiently and catch more fish.

Lyn casts a line (Llyn Berwyn, Mid Wales)

Casting techniques covered:

  • Basic overhead cast (pick up and lay down)
  • Static roll cast
  • Single and double hauling
  • Distance casting
  • Presentation casts (aerial, reach mends and wiggle).

Fly-casting demands a combination of timing and co-ordination. It is not difficult to become an accomplished caster if you understand the fundamentals and are willing to put in the practice.

Experience is not always the best teacher – a person may have a fly rod and catch fish with it for several years and still be a poor caster. Unconsciously, they have formed bad casting habits which have become deeply rooted into their technique.

Many fly-fishers have a seemingly limp, aimless style of casting and slap their casts on the water with no precision or delicacy. Occasionally, you will notice one rod moving in perfect rhythm, its casts crisp and clean with tight loops, achieving distance effortlessly. The chances are its owner understands the simple mechanics of fly-casting and uses them to their advantage.

Let me teach you the fundamentals, help you recognise faults and learn how to correct them.

Note: hats and sunglasses are mandatory for all fly-casting sessions.

Contact me to discuss your individual requirements.