River Loughor (Afon Llwchwr) – wild brown trout

One of the better ones, taken on the nymph (Pontarddulais Angling Association)

A typical pool tail, shadowed by high corroding banks (River Loughor)

Recommended equipment:

  • 9ft, 4–5wt fly rod (dry fly fishing), 10ft, 4–5wt fly rod (wet fly fishing) and 10ft fly rod, 2–3wt (modern nymphing)

  • Floating fly line and specialist Euro-nymph fly line/leader setups

  • Traditional river dry flies, North Country Spiders and weighted nymphs

  • A net, chest waders and a lightweight, waterproof wading jacket.

Techniques covered:

  • The correct approach, reading the water and productive times

  • Traditional upstream dry fly, wet fly fishing and modern nymphing

  • Wading techniques, river craft and basic entomology.

Although better known for its sea trout fishing, the River Loughor also offers excellent brown trout fishing.

With sea trout stocks sadly dwindling, many locals are switching focus to trout fishing and catch reports suggest the trout are growing much larger, offering excellent sport on light tackle. Throughout the 2021 and 2022 seasons, I caught specimens over 2-pounds – an impressive wild fish for any river.

The Loughor fishes particularly well during the early part of the season (March and April), when the fly angler can take advantage of fly hatches including march browns, large dark olives and grannom sedges. Of course, there is also a chance of a sea trout or salmon throughout the season, particularly using modern nymphing techniques or fishing a falling flood.

With its high, corroding, undercut muddy banks and deep pools, the Loughor is a challenging river to fish but often worth the effort. Visitors will need a reasonable level of fitness to cover the waters successfully.

Being on my doorstep, I have nearly 40-years experience fishing both Pontarddulais Angling Association and Ammanford Angling Association waters – all of which are available via the WUF Passport booking system.

Season: 3rd March to 30th September.

River Loughor guided day. All tackle can be supplied, including chest waders. Note: fishing day permits and Environment Agency rod Licences are not included.
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