West Wales small stillwaters

A rainbow trout taken on a Cats Whisker lure

Lyn teaches fly-casting (Pantybedw fishery, West Wales)

Recommended equipment:

  • 9–10ft, 6–7wt fly rod, large arbor fly reel, weight-forward fly lines in various densities (floating, midge-tip, intermediate/glass, Di3–7)
  • A range of rainbow trout flies including: lures, nymphs and dry flies
  • A large handled net, wellies, waterproof trousers and jacket
  • Hat and sunglasses.

Techniques covered:

  • The correct approach, reading the water and productive times
  • All modern stillwater fly-fishing techniques, using an array of fly lines
  • Casting and managing the wind, safely
  • Playing fish and fish handling.

Fancy a day rainbow trout fishing on a small stillwater?

With easy access to the water’s edge, these venues are ideal for beginners, those less mobile or if you are daunted by the challenges of river fishing. I will advise on the techniques to suit the ever-changing conditions… you could find yourself searching through the water columns with lures, casting a dry fly to rising fish, fishing under an indicator (bung), or straight-line nymphing. Rainbow trout are great fun to catch and very hard fighting. There are several stocked variations including, blue (blues), golden (goldies), tiger (tigers) and most recently, sparctic trout. Fish are either released or taken home for the table, depending on the day ticket purchased.

Note: I offer these venues as a ‘Plan B’, should a client be faced with a ‘wash-off’ due to a flooded river.

Waters: Garnfrwdd and Pantybedw (West Wales).

Small stillwater guided day. All tackle can be supplied. Note: fishing day permits and Environment Agency rod Licences are not included.
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