Autumn and winter grayling

Lyn with a good-sized grayling (River Irfon)

Rob Evans fishes the French leader amongst fallen leaves (River Irfon)

Recommended equipment:

  • 10–11ft, 2–4wt fly rod, with a lightweight 2–4wt fly reel, specialist euro nymph fly line and/or French/Spanish mono leaders (up to 15m)
  • A range of traditional grayling dry flies, North Country spiders and nymphs/tungsten beaded bugs
  • Chest waders (essential), ideally felt soled boots with tungsten studs.

Techniques covered:

  • The correct approach, reading the water and productive times
  • Upstream dry fly, fishing ‘The Duo’, North Country spider fishing, downstream wet fly and modern Euro-nymphing
  • Leader setups, knots and fly choices.

An opportunity to fish for one of the most graceful and beautiful freshwater fish – the grayling, or otherwise known as ‘The lady of the stream’.

Amongst winter landscapes, you will have an insight into the unique behaviours of this shoaling fish and learn expert techniques to catch, even in the toughest of conditions. During autumn, we use traditional dry flies and North Country Spider patterns but as winter sets in, modern Euro-nymphing techniques take over, fishing deep with heavy tungsten nymphs. It is great fun, and you will be amazed how close you can get to grayling, often catching directly underneath your rod tip!

Why not extend your fishing season to experience the beauty and charm of these wonderful rivers during the winter months?

Rivers: Irfon and Upper Wye

Season: 16th June to 14th March

Grayling guided day. All tackle can be supplied, including chest waders. Note: fishing day permits and Environment Agency rod Licences are not included.
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