Night fly-fishing for sea trout (sewin)

Lyn waits for darkness to fall (River Loughor)

A typical Towy sea trout, taken just after dark (Llandelio waters)

Recommended equipment:

  • 10ft, 7–8wt fly rod, large arbor fly reel with powerful drag, floating fly line with various density polyleaders (intermediate, sinking etc.)
  • Traditional single hook sea trout patterns, tube flies (1/2″–2″) and surface lures. 10–15lb leader material (I use Maxima clear)

  • A large net and small torch
  • Chest waders (essential) and a lightweight, waterproof wading jacket.

Techniques covered:

  • The correct approach (inc. etiquette), reading the water and productive times
  • Leader setups, knots and fly choice
  • Fishing techniques and casting at night.

A bespoke guiding service for the adventurous angler wanting to experience the charms of night fly-fishing on some the most productive rivers in South Wales – the River Towy (Afon Tywi) and River Loughor (Afon Llwchwr).

Local knowledge is paramount, so with nearly 40-year’s experience I can significantly improve your chances of success. Arriving at the river at dusk, you can familiarise yourself with the surroundings and have a practise cast before dark. Sea trout can be very unpredictable but even if this enigmatic fish proves illusive, you can be sure of an experience you will never forget. We will run through the basics, from tackle and fly choice to the most successful fishing techniques.

Spate rivers can rise very quickly following heavy rain and become un-fishable and too dangerous to fish at night. If such ‘wash-off’s’ occur, we will arrange an alternative date to fish. Note: with its steep, slippery banks and awkward access points, the Loughor is a difficult river to fish – especially at night.

Seasons: River Towy (1st April to 15th October), River Loughor (20th March to 15th October).

Click here for a detailed map of the River Loughor.

Night sea trout guiding (ideally, a one-to-one service). All tackle can be supplied, including chest waders. Note: fishing day permits and Environment Agency rod Licences are not included.
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